25 August 2014


We had a great adventure on Saturday, driving on smaller roads in Mexico and stopping at interesting places.  One thing I wanted to do was to buy a rebozo in Tenancingo where they're made.  I realized that if I'm going to be stuck wearing head scarves sometimes in Riyadh that I'd want to have some from Mexico and a Mexican rebozo sounded perfect.

I also tried alambres in Tenancingo.  They don't seem to be quite as popular in Guadalajara as some other parts of the country (or it's entirely possible that I'm just clueless) so I hadn't had them before, but they were tasty.

I now have a whole drawerful of scarves from Egypt, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, and Mexico to make the head covering thing less annoying.  I am perfectly happy to cover my head when I choose to, and have done so often in the past, but it's not as nice to be required to do it.

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