13 August 2014

Pyramid of Cholula

Since most of the pyramid sites are only open from 10-5 and since we're here for work, not touristing, weekends are for pyramids.  And Six Flags, apparently, but I think I can get out of that trip.  So last Saturday we drove out to Cholula, almost two hours from Mexico.

It's a lovely drive there once you're out of DF.  The air in the neighborhood we're staying in seems relatively clean and fresh, but it got gunkier as we were driving in some of the suburbs.  But then we drove over the mountains and it was a beautiful day.

This pyramid is huge and has only been partially reconstructed.  It also has a large church on top, much to my middle son's annoyance, but there is still plenty to see.  We parked on the north side of the pyramid which turned out to be a great place to park.  You can buy tickets in two different places, either at the entrance to the tunnels or to the excavated parts.  We went to the excavations first and looked around there, finishing with the reconstructed part, and then went through the tunnels.  I loved all of the site, but going through the pyramids in the tunnels was a major hit with our family.

This one was definitely worth the drive. Actually, every single INAH site we've stopped at anywhere in Mexico has been worthwhile.  We've been very impressed.

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