22 August 2014


I have just about run out of time in Mexico City.  We took our last metro ride today, ate our last torta, and tomorrow we'll go see our last pyramids at Teotenago and Xochicalco.  There is so much more here to see and do, but I don't expect to get to come back, especially not like this where I'm tagging along on business trips.

There were a few museums we visited that didn't get their own posts (and a much longer list that we didn't have time to visit).

Mexican Cooking.  I can't remember the exactly name of this one, but it's at the beginning of the street where you access the Templo Mayor.  It's not large, but it did have a reasonable amount of English and it was interesting.  It's also in a interesting building.  That's one of the best reasons to visit museums in DF because their buildings are usually amazing.  It cost 15 pesos.

National Museum of Cultures.  This is a little east of the previous museum on Moneda.  It's not about Mexico, it's about world cultures.  It's a pretty good display for DF (you don't come to Mexico to learn about the rest of the world), but nothing amazing if you've been anywhere else.  Cool building and it's free.

Museum of Mexican Medicine at the Palace of the Inquisition.  Yes, that Inquisition.  I didn't go to that exhibit because it isn't my thing, but the rest of the museum is free, interesting, and a good building.  And it's right by the interesting Santo Domingo church.

Museum of Cartography.  I found this one from driving by on the Pereferico.  I got to it from the Tacubaya Metro, but it's a little weird to walk to.  You need to go east on Observatorio to get there.  If you're stuck on the wrong side of Parque Lira, there's a pedestrian underpass on the south side of the intersection where you can keep going down Observatorio till you see signs for the museum.  Amazing building again, free, interesting displays, if you love maps like I do.

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