18 August 2014

Homeschooling 2014

So another year of school is coming up.  My youngest will happily go to first grade at the same school he did last year.  The oldest will continue his online high school for 10th grade.  He got a bit behind last year with a late start because of our move to Mexico and not much motivation, but we have a much better incentive plan in place this year to help him finish 9th grade and get 10th grade done by next June. And he's willing to let me help this year, so things should go better.  He'll also do guitar, programming, something for PE, and design/building class.

Middle son is starting high school this year, but he's not doing the same online program.  I think it's a better fit for my oldest son, but I haven't liked the loss of flexibility with the full online program.  If you've never homeschooled, then an online high school can seem very flexible, but not if you've always homeschooled.  I just want more choices.

So he's trying a few classes from the new WTM Academy (chemistry, ancient literature, and rhetoric).  He'll probably do Derek Owen's online geometry course and he wants to do Mesoamerican history so we're working on that together (and I think it'll be fun, especially here). And he'll take Spanish, piano, design, and hockey.

A year at a time, like always.  This one will be much more intense than last year. No moving to interfere though!

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