11 August 2014


We wanted to visit the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares since it stayed open later tonight, but even though we left at 6, we didn't get there till 8 PM because the traffic was so awful.  The drive was less than 10 miles and it almost would have been faster to walk.  But it was okay since we knew the traffic would be horrible, and it turned out that the area around the museum is very interesting.  I should have done my homework better.

Coyoacan is an old village that welcomed Cortes since they weren't fans of the Aztecs.  It was its own place until the 20th century when it because part of Mexico City.  You can feel a difference when you drive into the area and it was a lovely place to visit with lots of interesting buildings, stores, and places to eat.  We ended up taking a ride on a little tour bus since none of the other sites were still open.   They told a bunch of legends and we had a good time.

And then we ate dinner.  We saw someone eating chicharron preparado and asked what it was and where she got it, and she pointed us toward the stand where we tried one.  It's a rectangular piece of flour chicharron topped with crema, cabbage, tomatoes, cueritos (pickled pork rinds), and avocado.  And chile, salt, and lime, of course. I liked it, and I'd happily eat it again, but I don't need to figure out how to make it at home.

Next we found a tamale spot and ate a very good and different tamale with mole.  I also tried pozol (not pozole, which I have had) which I hadn't ever had before.

Ice cream was very popular there, but it was a little too cool for ice cream, so we skipped that.

We tried corn smeared with mayonnaise and powdered Cotija cheese.  I've been seeing that around and wondered about it, but I've been cured.  It tastes about like it sounds it would.

And we got churros.

All in all, it was a great evening.

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