19 August 2014

Coyoacan, Again

I went back out to Coyoacan last week to stop at a couple of Asian stores, visit the museums we missed when the traffic was horrible the week before, and to wander around some more.  I took the metro this time, obviously, and it was a great trip.

The Asian market on Av Division del Norte just south of the Circuito Interior was far better than the other one on Av Miguel Angel de Quevedo. I would love to have an Asian grocery store like this in Guadalajara, and it would be even better if I didn't have to drive or take a taxi to it.  I am not looking forward to dealing with no public transportation in Guadalajara again.

Anyway, that market had an amazing selection.  I got almost a kilo of black mustard seeds for just over $2.  I hadn't even been able to find them in Guadalajara.  They also had my favorite black rice vinegar that I haven't seen in Guadalaraja.  In addition to the better selection, it was cheaper than the other store.  It's very close to the Eje Central stop on the golden line (the part of the golden line that's still open).

I stopped at the Leon Trotsky museum.  Loved it. And the Culturas Populares Museum.  It was small, but I liked it too.

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