03 July 2014

The Where We're Going Next Contest

So. We know where we're going next.  Since I'm not going to be able to blog much for a while, I'm going to do a contest about guessing where we're going because it'll fill up some space. And because that seems like fun.

First, the prizes.  Whoever wins will get something from Mexico. You can choose between something from the Day of the Dead (there is a limited selection now, or you can wait till October), a ceramic lizard that goes on your wall, or Tostalinaz.  I'll mail it what you choose to you later this summer (or in the fall, if needed).

Second, you can only participate if you don't already know where we're going.  That includes family members who haven't heard yet, but will hear sometime soon.  If the first person to guess turns out to have already known, then I'll go on to the second guesser.

Third, I'll post a clue every day or so for a few days.  You can guess the city in the comments; since they'll be moderated right now, your guess won't be posted.  Instead, it'll come right to me.  The first person to guess the correct city wins. You can guess once a day.  *I'm looking for the city we'll be living in, not just the country.*

So, the first clue:

We'll be returning to the largest continent.

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