28 July 2014

Places to Visit in Mexico DF

We'll be off to DF in a few days and I'm working on the list of all the things I want to do there.  We'll have more time than we did when we were there in February, but I still don't think we'll get to everything.

We'll stop at Tula on the way, but don't tell my children.  It only adds on 30 minutes of driving.  I promise.

Our big weekend trip will be to El Tajin. Other Saturday trips could be to Huamantla for their huge August Feria, Puebla to see the pyramid of Cholula and check out the ceramics, Malinalco, Tlaxcala and Xochitecatl and other sites in the state, Tepozteco, Miacatlan with Xochicalco, or Pachuca. And we'll definitely go to Xochimilco.

Here's the  list of some of the things to see in Mexico City in no particular order:

Anahuacalli Museum
Museo de Arte Popular, again, because I loved it
Museo de Arte Moderno
We might be able to pull off visiting Tepotzotl√°n one evening
Chapultepec Castle, since my husband missed it last time
Galeria de Arte Mexicano
First print shop
We might have to check out the Leon Trotsky museum for some Soviet nostalgia
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares
Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones
Palace of the Inquisition, because it's there
Templo Mayor
Museo Soumaya
UNAM and the Olympic Stadium

And we'll do some shopping and eating of tortas.  I doubt we'll go back to DF before we leave Mexico, but we'll have spent 4 weeks there, so I'm feeling good about that.

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