25 July 2014

Home Again

We've been in the US for the last three weeks and just got home last night.  I've never, ever before gone to the US just for a visit. We never had the money to fly to the US just for fun when we lived overseas. But new jobs and living in Mexico make a visit easy.

The best part was that I could enjoy being in the US without feeling like I was stuck there.  I knew I'd go home to Mexico in a few weeks.  And I could stock up on food I can't find in Mexico or that's really expensive.  We came home with:

Lots and lots of dark chocolate
Peanut M&Ms that aren't horribly expensive
2 cases of coconut milk
16 pounds of rice noodles
Two giant things of curry paste 
1 gallon of rice vinegar

And some unscented laundry detergent, since that's hard to find here.  I think that's everything.  I am looking forward to a year with more coconut milk in it. :)

The other best part about the trip was knowing that I was coming back to Guadalajara where I've already been living.  I went home to my house (still too big, but delightfully white and devoid of furniture), wonderful weather, a place where I know how to shop, friends, and good food.  Our plane arrived late, but there was still time to get tamales and stop at a taco stand on the way home. It's so nice to be home and to go to the tianguis this morning.

We'll be in Mexico DF for most of August, and I am so excited for that.  Then back home for one more year until we go to the US to relearn Arabic, then off to Saudi Arabia.  

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