23 June 2014

Yakult, Baby Mangoes, and Nutrileche

I'm still following my rule of trying new things from the grocery store or tianguis as often as possible.  Usually it works great, but last week I made the mistake of trying a new brand of bagged milk without reading the packaging carefully (all I checked was the date).  I mistakenly assumed it was actually milk, but when I got home, I noticed that it proudly proclaimed that it contained 73% milk.  So, yeah, it doesn't always work.  And if you're looking for bagged milk in Mexico, skip the Nutrileche.

Last week I bought some inch-long mangoes.  I prefer larger mangoes just because they're easier to peel and eat (I don't like mango peels), but the pit inside those baby mangoes was soft and they we fun to try.

Today I got some Yakult.  It's a probiotic that I've seen sold in lots of places (not just in Mexico), but I've never bought it before and since it's really popular here, this seemed like the place to try it. I can't say I'll buy it again because it has way too much sugar, even though it's supposed to be healthy for me.  I'll have to find a less sweet way to get my probiotics in.  If I decide they're worth it.

And I learned a little about Japanese-Mexicans after finding out about the Yakult.  Interesting.

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  1. I had an Argentine mission companion who was addicted to Yakult. I read the ingredients and could never understand how she thought it was so healthy.