30 June 2014


We're learning that people have strong opinions about their tamales in Guadalajara.  You might hear more about tacos and see more taco stands, but that doesn't mean the tamales are ignored.  We've tried four different tamale places around us and we still can't see a huge difference in the taste of any of them, despite everyone telling us there is.  So we stick with the first place we found because they're cheap, they usually have Oaxaca tamales, and, most importantly, they're almost always out by 6 PM. No one else does that for this American family.

We also finally tried some of the sweet tamales (strawberries and pineapple, although there are more) and I don't think I need to eat those again.  If I want something sweet when I'm eating tamales, I'd much rather have champurrado.

For the record, two of my children prefer red mole, one likes green, my husband likes both or gets Oaxacas (mostly because they're bigger), and I like rajas con queso.  We can get enough for the whole family for about 12 dollars.

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