17 June 2014

Most of the Posts from the Last Few Weeks

Racism.  Sorry, but it's present everywhere, even if it's not talked about in many places (like Guadalajara).

Something I really don't like about being the type of expat I am now.  Most of the expats I hang out with are middle class people.  They'd have normal homes in the US, send their kids to public school, and drive normal cars.  But the idea for a lot of expats seems to be to reproduce middle class life in their home country, not middle class life in the country they're living in.

So to get a decent, middle-class American public education in Mexico, you have to send your child to the most expensive private schools.  To have a neighborhood like you'd expect as a middle class American, you live in a gated community with extremely wealthy neighbors (much wealthier than you are).  You and your children are surrounded by the wealthiest people in the country you're living in and that, my friends, is not a middle class existence, nor what I want to teach my children is normal.

Rape.  It's stupid for me to walk down the street of a large city with an iPhone in my hand because it might get stolen.  But even if I choose to do that, it doesn't mean that the thief couldn't help stealing my phone, that I was asking for it to be stolen, that I don't deserve help because I was foolish, or that I bear some of the responsibility for the theft and the thief bears less.  The same thing goes for rape.  Victims of rape might have been doing something foolish, but no one asks for a crime to be committed against them.

Arabic.  I was going to post about Frozen being dubbed into Modern Standard Arabic, but never got the post finished.  If we get to go to an Arabic-speaking country next, you'll hear a lot more about Arabic, but I'll just say that while I do think it's not unreasonable to have some children's literature and media at a fairly high level, it's very important to do everything possible to help children love to read.  Making it accessible is a huge part of that, and MSA is not accessible.  Also, media can be dubbed into different Arabic dialects if you can produce different Spanish and Portuguese versions.

Rajas and crema.  I'm not really a fusion cooker, but I did put them on pasta and it was amazing.  If I'm going to mix cuisines, it'll be with different dishes on the table (like a mango salad with bulgur pilaf- I'd never look for a way to combine mango and bulgur in the same dish).  Also, I'm loving the crema in general.  So flexible.

Flooding.  Our basement keeps flooding and I don't think anyone will do anything about it.  At least our huge house has plenty of storage space so the basement doesn't need to hold anything.  I can't even figure out where all the water is coming from because the rain doesn't fall within 10 feet of the stairs to the basement. But I still LOVE that the rainy season is here.

Where we're going next.  We still won't know for a few weeks, but I did find a European country I would be willing to move to with a language I would be willing to tackle.  The Middle East would still be delightful though. Other family members are hoping for one place in east Asia, but I just can't face the idea of learning Mandarin.

I still have one more big thing to write about, so hopefully I'll get to that soon.


  1. Funny...Ben was also complaining about translating FROZEN into Modern Standard Arabic. That is definitely not what they've always done. We have a good handful of Disney cartoons in Arabic. I wonder why they changed it . . .

  2. I need someone to hang out with and gripe about Arabic translations. :)

  3. Please add me to that griping group because it drives me nuts. Maybe you saw my post about it and the one commenter who could just not let go (hahahaha) of MSA being the One True Language for children's media. Sorry, but no.

  4. When all the little children start speaking MSA (complete with correct vowels) because it's the one true language and the easiest to understand, then I'll support the switch.

    I'd read your post, Bridget, but not the fanatic commenter. Thanks for the fun. :)

    There's a really good chance that we'll go to an Arabic-speaking country next and they'll teach us MSA before we go. I don't know if I'll be able to stand it.