02 June 2014

Finally, Chocolate from Mexico!

I don't know if I've mentioned here before, but my husband and I have wondered since we got to Mexico why no one seems to be making good chocolate in this country where chocolate started, at least where we can find it.  Sure, there's the table chocolate which makes delicious hot chocolate and atole, but you're not going to sit down and eat a piece of the stuff, even if you could bite into it.  And if you look for eating chocolate at the store, you're going to find waxy cheap chocolate or expensive imported dark chocolate.  So I haven't eaten much chocolate here.

But today in the tianguis there was a little stand selling La Broma de Teo chocolate. The Monday tianguis is the most upscale one I go to so it makes sense they'd be there.  It's all organic, both the cocoa and piloncillo, and made in Mexico, and expensive, of course, but less than the imported dark chocolate in the grocery store.  I bought a little sample thing for 25 pesos for 60 grams with 4 different kinds.  I wanted to try the different flavors and next time I can just get what we liked best.

We tried almond with amaranth (pretty good), blueberry and cardamom (I'm not a fan of fruit in my chocolate, so this wasn't my favorite), cardamom (one of the best) and peanut (the best).  The peanut actually had the best texture and wasn't dry or crumbly like the others and the peanut flavor was just right.  The blueberry one had chunks of dried fruit on it that were avoidable and the almond one had little chunks of finely ground nuts which were tasty.  The flavor of the cardamom one was really good and the only complaint was the crumbliness.

So I'll be trying that chocolate again, especially the cardamomo and cacahuate.

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