06 May 2014


We went out to Tlaquepaque yesterday.  I'd been there once before, but it was mostly for shopping and we didn't look around that much.  There isn't much to see since it's a shopping and restaurant destination, but we still had fun poking around the parts that weren't for shopping and eating.

There are also some interesting art galleries and a few stores I like there, but mostly it's not really my thing.  Tonala is better.  The stores in Tlaquepaque that I do like are around Juarez by Francisco de Miranda and Alfareros.  There's a tile store (one of the few we've found so far in Mexico), textiles, one with indigenous designs (including a unique but large and fairly expensive nativity that we'll keep in mind), and an art gallary my husband loved.

I like it when churches are decorated with things that are made locally, so the glass inside the churches was nice.

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