09 May 2014

Raspberry Crumble

We had raspberries, like usual now, but unfortunately not enough butter for pastry to make a galette.  So we tried this raspberry crumble.  It was easy and it didn't matter than I didn't even have enough butter for this recipe and substituted half of it with olive oil.  It's also not very sweet.  Yum.

500 grams raspberries
1 T sugar

225 grams whole wheat flour
110 grams butter, or half butter and half olive oil
3-4 T sugar (you can add more- the original recipe called for 6 T, and you can use brown sugar if you have it)

Preheat the oven to 175/350.  Combine the raspberries and 1 T sugar and dump them  in a pan.  I have no lovely fluted dish so I just used a regular cake pan and it was just right.  Spread them around so they cover the pan evenly.

Combine the flour and butter/oil with a pastry blender or you can use a food processor if yours is large enough which mine isn't but the pastry blender works fine.  Add the sugar and stir it in.  Dump the crumbly stuff on top of the raspberries and spread it around, then bake for 30-40 minutes.  It won't look any different on the top, but the raspberries will be cooked underneath.

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