07 May 2014

Mexican License Plates

I've always liked looking at license plates wherever I'm driving.  Except in Kyrgyzstan since they're pretty much boring there, except to ponder why the government decided license plates in Kyrgyzstan would use the Latin alphabet.

But Mexico is fun.  Its 31 states and DF get to choose their designs and have been able to since 1998. I guess everyone had the same federal design before that.  Here in Jalisco, we have two styles with Minerva (she's a big statue in the middle of one of the traffic circles between downtown and the arches) and an agave plant.  The agave plates are older and the Minerva design replaced it a few years ago.  I generally see many more Minerva plates, although that depends on where I am.

With just two Jalisco designs that aren't very colorful, you really notice when there are other states around.  We obviously mostly see plates from surrounding states.

Durango's most recent plate is very colorful and I always love to spot that one.  I don't think I've ever seen the Pancho Villa plate, but I'm watching for it. I've never seen the most recent Nayarit plate either(and I really like it), but I see the Riveria Nayarit plates fairly often.  We see Colima around sometimes too, and the most recent Aguascelientes plate, and Queretaro's disappointingly boring new design. The most recent Michoacan plate is pretty common, but they're boring too (why did they replace those butterflies?). Guanajuato has Hidalgo on their newest plate, obviously, since it was the bicentennial of the Mexican War of Independence and it all started in Guanajuato with Hidalgo. And we see Sinaloa quite often.  We always think it looks like a Florida plate, even though it's not an orange.

But there are others I hope to see around.  Coahuila has a dinosaur now and some of their older plates are good too. The new Chiapas plate would be hard to miss. The Yucatan plates all have pyramids, not surprisingly, and Quintana Roo (which you have to admit is the coolest state name ever) has swordfish which would improve any state's design.

And if I could see the brand new Campeche plate, I would count living in Mexico as a success.

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  1. Thanks for the links. Fun wandering through Mexico plates.