17 May 2014

Eternal Spring

We're getting closer to the end of the hot, dry season in Guadalajara.  We had an unusual and lovely rainy day on May 7th, but we've also had rain in the evening or night several times.  The rainy season doesn't officially begin until there's more rain, or at least more consistent rain, but even just a little is nice.

The dryness hasn't been a problem though, at least for me.  I grew up in Utah so a few months of very low humidity here isn't a big deal.  I'm finally drying out after a year in Virginia.  The dry air is also ever so much cooler which is nice since it usually gets to 90 degrees here in the afternoons.

And 90 degrees isn't that bad.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather, of course, but it's just 90 in the afternoons.  Since it's dry and we're a mile up, it cools off very quickly when the sun goes down and stays cool till late morning.  It's rarely too hot for me to go shopping.  And there's usually a breeze to make everything even nicer.

So I'm not quite as skeptical about people calling Guadalajara's weather eternal spring.  Yes, 90 is too hot for spring, but I can live with this weather for a few months while we wait for the rain and cooler temperatures in the summer.

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