15 April 2014

Where Next?

There are so many things to think about when you're figuring out the next place you might live.  And when the list of potential next places includes pretty much the whole world, there are lots of choices.  So sometimes I come up with more unusual reasons to pick a place.  These ideas are based on the Olympics and eclipses.

It would be great to be in Rio for the Summer Olympics in 2016.  There will also be a partial solar eclipse 6 months after.

Pyeongchang hosts the Winter Olympics in 2018 and they have total lunar eclipses a few weeks before the Olympics and then 5 months later.

Tokyo will have partial solar eclipses before the 2020 Olympics.

Or we could try for annular and total eclipses.  Southern Africa would be great to go next since there are annular eclipses in September of 2016 and Feburary of 2017.  Maybe we could combine a safari with eclipse watching.

There's a total eclipse in March of 2016 in the Pacific and Indonesia.  I'd love to go there.

The total eclipse in 2017 will require a visit to the US since our parents all live very near the path of totality.

Or we could try for southern South America in 2019 and 2020.

You'll notice none of these include Central Asia.  They'll have two total lunar eclipses in 2018 and then a few partial solar eclipses.


  1. That's certainly a novel way of choosing a new country. Do you get to choose anywhere you want? Or does your husband get posted like people in the foreign service?

  2. If we were the ones choosing, we wouldn't be in Mexico. Even though it's a very nice place to be. We'll have more say in the future, but we don't have much right now.

  3. If you are so low on the totem pole, when do they even tempt you with choices? When do you find out for sure? I would like to know where I need to start convincing Ben we need to travel. =)

  4. We probably won't know for sure where we're going till the end of the summer.

    I suppose the tempt us because there are weird people out there who would actually volunteer to go to Tajikistan.