05 April 2014

Welcome Daylight Savings

I know I'm supposed to hate switching to or from daylight savings, but I'm a fan.  Our part of Mexico makes the switch on Sunday.

I am looking forward to the wake-up call from the birds to come at 7:30 instead of 6:30.  They aren't noisy for very long, but they still wake me up every morning.  7:30 sounds perfect since no one has to get up early for school.

Also, I can't help thinking the whiners are a bit wimpy.  No one ever says they have jet lag from changing one time zone. However, you can whine if you have little children.

Guadalajara is far enough south that the hours of daylight change noticeably less than they do where I've usually lived, but it's still time for the switch. It'll also be nice to have an extra hour of daylight after work because there are interesting places we're not supposed to be driving after dark.

Changing back to standard time last fall was also nice since it was practically the only thing that felt like fall to me. And since I hate, hate, hate being on daylight savings time year round, I'll happily adjust twice a year. Did I mention I hate daylight savings in the winter?

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