26 April 2014

We got some bad news yesterday that will totally change what happens to us after Guadalajara.  But Jerusalem and Istanbul are still possibilities (at least they are as of today- we'll have to see if they are next week).  So here's a more realistic dream list.

1. Jerusalem

2. Istanbul

After those two, there's no particular order.

Riyadh or Jeddah (this rocketed up since we have lots of friends in the Gulf and not much else in the Middle East is an option)




Phnom Penh (since Bangkok is out, this is what works for SE Asia, except Singapore, but that's a totally different category)


And then there are three bunches:

The former Soviet Union group- Tbilisi, Yerevan, Almaty, Minsk, or Chisinau.  I'd like any of these, although I don't think any are the best choices now.

The Balkans (mostly) group- Podgorica, Sarajevo, Tirana, and Pristina.  Same as the above group.

And the traditional Europe group- Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Geneva. I'm not wild about these, but they would likely be great for our family in many ways.

It's a good thing I have a blog. My expat friends here aren't quite as into this as I am, and I'm pretty sure I used up all their attention for it in about 5 minutes today.


  1. I'm sorry for whatever your bad news was--from the looks of your list, it had quite an impact.

    If you end up in Phnom Penh, Pristina, or Athens, we may have to make contact by email :)

    I remember seeing an LDS church in Phnom Penh, but I'm not sure if they speak English there or not--I mainly remember riding along in the tuk tuk and suddenly, involuntarily exclaiming "It looks just like an American church! Oh, no wonder, it's LDS." I have LDS friends here in Pristina now who seem happy with their ward, but their children are both very young, so I don't know about the youth group.

  2. I'd definitely want to ask you lots of questions if we went to one of those three places.

    It looks like there is an English congregation in Phnom Penh which is another reason it would be a good place to go. It makes me laugh that you recognized an LDS church because it looked American. I don't understand why we do that, but there it is.