23 April 2014

More Opinions

Common core.  I don't know who decided this is of the devil and that everyone needed to be warned, but they've done a great job riling up a lot of people.  It only makes sense to me to have some standards that need to be met nationwide.

Evolution.  I cannot understand Young Earthers. I cannot understand teaching children religion instead of science.  You can do both, but please don't skip science.  And Bill Nye isn't trying to take your children away from you.

Easter.  Mormons do a bad job with Easter too often.  I get that we like to emphasize our differences, but if we spent so much time trying to prove we're Christian, shouldn't we do more for Easter?  The argument that we remember the atonement every week during the sacrament doesn't work for me because every other devout Christian in the world who goes to church weekly is reminded of the same thing, and they get to celebrate Easter too. And I've never felt that the sacrament's emphasis is on the joy of the resurrection, and I miss celebrating that.

Gender-neutral language.  If you think it's fine to always use "he" as your singular pronoun and like to say stewardess, go ahead.  I personally disagree and I'm not just being politically correct, thank you.  I don't really see how gender-neutral language hurts anyone and it helps some people.

Abortion.  Not a fan, but I don't think many people are.  Count me in the safe, legal and rare camp. I think the better way to make that happen is to try to reduce unwanted or unexpected pregnancies rather than banning abortion. This isn't quite the point here, but birth control is vastly preferable to abortion.

Gay marriage. I think gay marriage is logical and inevitable legally and socially. My church will not start performing gay marriages, but I don't think that my opinion on whether God favors gay marriage has much to do with whether or not gay marriage should be legal in the US because I don't think that the moral opinions of a minority should be the guiding factor in creating US law. Also, gay marriage has moved from the moral realm into the legal and social realm and is becoming a civil rights issue. Opposing it will soon be as much of a problem for the opposer as it is to oppose interracial marriage.  And in the end, I think people get to be their own choosers about what they feel will make them happy, and I can celebrate with someone who is happy even if I have chosen to do things differently.

Ordain Women.  After thinking about this a lot, I have decided that I am not a supporter of ordaining women in our church. The main reason is that I don't think it would do much to change how women are viewed in the church.  It takes forever for women or minorities to work their way up in any organization.  I think there are many, many changes that can be made that don't require ordination, changes that would benefit not just women, but men too in many cases.  Authorize isolated women to bless the sacrament for themselves. Create women's "quorums" that operate on a general church level with women around the world in those leadership positions.  Create many more ways for women to serve on stake and area levels. Allow women to have more leadership positions in wards (this is especially important in places where wards or branches barely function or are disbanded because of a lack of priesthood holders which has a negative effect on everyone, especially if it's a language-designated ward).  Let women be witnesses in temples (all ordinances in our church need to be witnessed or verified by two people) simply because there are times when ordinances cannot be performed because there are not enough men around.

Environmental stuff.  I think Americans use way too much energy in our quest for convenience.  But I'm still not going to run around telling everyone to stop using their dryers and driving so much. Because that's socially unacceptable too.

Language-designated LDS congregations.  I have such mixed feelings about these.  I wish we didn't let language be such a barrier.  But it is, so we need language-designated wards and they don't exist in many places.  People need to hear the gospel in their own languages.

Guns.  Not a fan.  I wasn't raised with guns in the house and we certainly don't have them now.  I don't think I have ever even touched a handgun and have rarely seen one.  I have fired shotguns less than five times for target shooting.  US gun culture is foreign to me.  I would not feel safer with a gun in my home, even if everyone did everything perfectly safely.  I think the 2nd Amendment is outdated.  I don't think laws can change US gun culture, unfortunately, but I still think guns should be better regulated.  At the very least we need greater consequences for not practicing decent gun safety. Because having little children die because of poor gun safety is not a consequence any of us tolerate.

I think that's all for today.

Edited to add later because I forgot it:
Atheists.  You don't need religion to be a moral person.  I think it's so weird to assume people are immoral if they don't believe in God.  Most people in the world are good and behave decently no matter what they believe. Also, I think it's odd to assume people are religious and be surprised when they're not.


  1. Hi Amira, This is a great amalgam of opinions! I find that I mostly agree with you. I despise the way common core has become so politicized. And Easter was a bit disappointing in my ward. We didn't get to sing the closing song--Christ the Lord is Risen Today--so that we could hurry in to Sunday School to talk about the OT. As an organist, I love playing on Easter and that is one of the best songs to play with a full throated congregation singing along.

    I want to ask your opinion--would you even consider moving with your family to India? What are your reasons? My number one preference would be to move to Mexico--so glad that you're enjoying it. But, there is an India possibility looming on our horizon...


  2. Yes, I'd love to move to India for a few years. There are some cities I'd prefer to others, but India is a great place. But I think the things that frustrate a lot of expats wouldn't bother me so much, so I'm probably not the best one to ask.