10 April 2014

Guadalajara at Night

I mentioned earlier that I don't really fit in with many of the expats I know here.  This mostly centers around having very different ideas as to what's fun to do in your free time.  I'm an introverted Mormon, so social events that focus on alcohol and talking to people I'll know for a short time are not much fun for me.  Let me make clear that it's the combination of being an introvert and a Mormon that's the problem.  I know lots of Mormons who are more social than I am who love a good party, and I know introverts who find parties with alcohol easier to deal with.

I love to eat good food, but I prefer street food to eating in a restaurant.  Street food is cooked in front of you which is always fun, you can try lots of different things, and it's quick so you can get back to the business of exploring the place you are.  And it's simple and much less expensive.  But going out to eat is very popular amongst my expat set, so I'm out of luck there too.

I'm also not a shopper.  Buying food is fun, but there are very, very few people who want to do that with me. (There actually is one woman here who goes to the tianguis with me.  I'm not sure if she's a saint or very, very desperate for adult conversation.)  Shopping trips don't work for me either.

And, worst of all, I don't do massages and spas.  Or pedicures.  Or salons.  Or anything like that.  Boring.

So we skip the parties and restaurants and shopping and spas to hang out around a church in the evening.  The buildings are always beautifully lit up and there are lots and lots of people on the street, selling things, buying toys, running around with their friends, walking with their families, dancing, singing, flying kites, and so much more.  I just need an hour there with maybe a hot churro or a gordita de natas.

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago around the Zapopan Basilica.

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