17 April 2014

Holy Thursday

When we were asking around to find out what people do for Semana Santa, everyone kept mentioning visiting 7 churches, especially on Holy Thursday.  So we did that today.  You can go to any seven churches and there are various explanations for why it's done.  It does appear to be an extremely old tradition.  It obviously works best in a city so you'd have enough churches available to walk to.

We went to five that we hadn't been to yet, plus the Cathedral and the Templo Expiatorio. It's always nice to go to the Expiatorio and especially to see the Stations of the Cross again this week.

Outside every church people had papers with each of the prayers you should say at the churches.  And there were many, many people selling empanadas which are common this week.  We tried strawberry and blackberry.  There were at least 15 other flavors out there.

Here are the first five churches.  I don't have lots of photos, unfortunately, but I hope to go back when we can take more with a better camera.

Saint John the Baptist in Mexicaltzingo

San Sebastian de Analco

 San Jose de Analco

San Francisco de Asis

Our Lady of Aranzazu

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