14 April 2014

Four Total Lunar Eclipses

Even though I miss living on the other side of the planet, there one great reason to be in the Americas now is the series of lunar eclipses coming up in the next 18 months.

The first is tonight and early tomorrow morning.  The total eclipse lasts from about 2 AM to 3:30 AM in Guadalajara which is on CDT. Nearly 90 minutes of totality is a nice, long eclipse.

The next will be on October 8th.  The total eclipse will begin at about 5:30 AM in Guadalajara and go till 6:30 AM.  The moon will set during the partial phase.

Then there's one on April 4th.  Totality only lasts less than five minutes for this one and will be around 6 AM CST (the US will be on daylight savings time at this point, so it'll also be 6 AM MDT), so I'm not entirely sure if totality will be visible here or not, but I'm a partial phase fan, so it would be okay. ETA later that I checked where the moon was this morning and at 7:15 it was just over the houses in the neighborhood if I was looking out the back window. So next year we should be able to see totality from the upstairs windows (since it'll be 6:15 next year when the moon is at that position), and we'll have to get on the roof to see more.

The last is September 28. We might have left Guadalajara by then and will probably be in the US, but it won't matter where in the US because the continental US either see the moon rise during the penumbral phase or see the whole thing.  This timing on this one is the best in my opinion because I like to get my sleep.

But even though I like my sleep, I'm planning on getting up for a few minutes tonight.

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  1. I'm still deciding whether to get up in the middle of the night or not. It's supposed to be partly cloudy tonight, so I'm afraid I won't be able to see it even if I do get up, which would be a bummer.