03 March 2014

What We Didn't Do in Mexico City

So we just spent the last week or so in Mexico DF.  I have about a bazillion posts to do about it, but here are some of the things we'll have to go back for. Since we were there for work, we only had one day to go out together all day, so these are mostly things that we wish we'd had a few more Saturdays for.

Xochimilco. This is one place where you can see the old canals and floating gardens the Mexica used in Tenochitlan.

UNAM, Cuicuilco, and the Olympic stadium. These are all very close to each other about 20 minutes south of downtown.  UNAM has lots of interesting art and it's always cool to see an Olympic stadium.  Cuicuilco is a pyramid, one that's much older than many in Mexico.

Puebla and stuff. I'd hoped to go to Huejotzingo,  but since we had just the one day to go out of town, we couldn't miss Teotihuacán.  We'd also like to have seen the pyramid of Cholula and checked out the Talavera ceramics around Puebla.

About 100 museums. There are so many amazing museums in DF.

Tenayuca. This is another small pyramid on the north side of the city. We were in the area but visiting another pyramid was vetoed by certain family members.

Thousands of places to eat. We had such a delicious week.

The Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  We were going to stop by, but didn't make it.

Geocaching, especially in Chapultepec Park.

And so much more.  So much. Mexico is amazing.

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