07 March 2014

Tortas de Huauzontles

I tried this at a restaurant near the cathedral in DF.  Huauzontle is a plant that's related to quinoa and can be used like other greens, but I had them fried as cakes in plenty of spicy sauce.  I really liked them, although I'm not sure I'd try making them at home in huauzontle doesn't look much like anything I've cooked with before.  But I might ask the greens people at the tianguis if they sell it.

In other Mexico-only greens news, I'm still hoping that romeritos show back up since they're also supposed to be eaten at Lent in addition to Christmas.  

Also, I'll admit here that we're not quite mole poblano fans in this family.  My husband had it at the same restaurant and wasn't too impressed.  There's just a little too much going on in any mole I've tried.  If I'd make it myself, I'd probably be happier, but they're too complicated for me to make the effort.  But they do sell a bunch of different moles at the tianguis, so maybe it would be worth trying some others to see if there's one we like.  Because I bet there is.

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