22 March 2014

Public Water in Guanajuato

Guanajuato is, obviously, not an easy place to provide public utilities.  Propane is delivered in tanks to houses as it is in a lot of the world, but the delivery people have to work a lot harder to move the propane around since they can't drive on most of the callejones and they're going up and down hills.  They walk around calling out "Gaaaas" and you run out to tell them you want some if you need some.

Electricity is a lot easier to provide and that was everywhere.

Trash pick-up looked the same as other parts of Mexico.  There's a designated trash spot, usually where a truck can get to it, and people can bring out their garbage when the truck comes (cowbells help you know when to come out).  Sometimes people leave trash there early and there are threatening signs about not putting garbage out early, but if no one is ever home when the garbage man comes, what are you supposed to do?  

And we learned a little about the water system after spotting old fountains in the center.  It appears that the World Bank funded a project in the mid-2000s that installed a municipal water system in Guanajuato that now takes water to every house (I hope it's every house).  There still are many people using bottled water (and that's hard to deliver too), but not having to go down the street to fill a container of water is huge.  

And the old fountains can be used as chairs.  Or as a place to mark where the trash-pickup place is. This is only a small selection of the fountains we saw because, well, you're probably not as interested in them as we were.

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