07 March 2014

My Current Favorite Mexican Recipe

I cannot get enough of this one, and it's so easy, especially since I cheat and layer the whole thing instead of rolling up the tortillas. This one would be hard to reproduce exactly outside Mexico, so I have to make it a lot here. This is based on a recipe from My Mexico by Diana Kennedy.

Tortillas with Rajas and Cheese with Jocoque Sauce

12 corn tortillas (freshly made by you, if possible)
4ish tomatoes
1/3 of an onion
Bit of salt
1 1/2 cups jocoque*
4-6 poblanos
1/2 pound cheese**

You can prepare all the parts of this ahead of time, but don't assemble till it's time to bake the dish (it takes 20-30 minutes to cook).

Roughly chop the tomatoes and dump in a blender with the onion and salt.  Blend and pour into a skillet and cook for a couple of minutes, then dump back in the blender with the jocoque and blend again.  Set aside.

Roast the poblanos over high heat till they're black and crackly all over.  Wrap in a towel or put in a plastic bag for a few minutes, then scrape off the skins with your fingers, rinse to get rid of any bit of skins and the seeds, then slice into strips (rajas).  Set aside.

Slice, chop, grate, or pull apart the cheese, depending on what you're using and how you like your cheese.

When you're ready to bake, preheat the oven to 175/350.  Pour a little sauce in the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish, then cover the bottom with six tortillas.  Spread the rajas evenly over the tortillas, then top with the cheese.  Top with the other six tortillas and pour the rest of the sauce evenly over everything.  Bake for 20-30 minutes till it's bubbly around the edges and the cheese is melted.

*You could try substituting plain yogurt or crema if you can get it.  Sour cream mixed with milk might work. But nothing will be quite like the jocoque you get in Jalisco.

**Adobera is best, so you could try queso fresco. We also like it with Oaxaca cheese, so you could try mozzarella.  Or you could use cheddar or jack.  Just don't use something really salty or strong since there's a lot of cheese in this.

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