07 March 2014

Museum of Popular Art

I loved all the museums we went to in DF, and I'll blog about more of them, but the Museo de Arte Popular was my very favorite.  It's a little south of the main square downtown.  It's not very big but there was a lot to see, and it stays open late on Wednesdays which was nice with my husband's schedule.

The reason I love this one is I love handicrafts and folk art, and this museum took traditional art and made it modern.  Yes, there were lots of older pieces, but there were also a lot of new pieces using traditional ideas and techniques.  There also was an amazing gift shop, although it doesn't stay open late on Wednesdays.  I went back in the morning a few days later with one of the boys to check it out.

The museum also also does a parade of alebrijes in October. I'd love to see that, but they had some on display inside and outside the museum. There also was a display of artwork depicting various events in Mexico's history that I loved, all done with skeletons.

I could post a hundred photos from this place, but I've restrained myself. The lighting on the Trees of Life wasn't great for photos.

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