03 March 2014

Mexico City Tortas

So, of course, we ate in DF.  There was a torta cart right next to our hotel that my middle son loved, so we went there for lunch nearly every day.  I love Mexico City tortas, but they're not so prevalent in Guadalajara.  We have tortas ahogadas here which is just fine with me.

Mexico City tortas are totally different things.  They're not necessarily on great bread, but that's okay since this is a sandwich that's all about the filling.  Our particular torta stand (and they're mostly pretty similar) had about 30-40 sandwiches to choose from that mixed and matched around 7 different fillings.  There was milanesa, hot dogs (sliced and fried), a couple types of ham, eggs, and a few other things. And, of course, several types of cheese.  The torta guy would cook or fry everything right there, smear the bread with avocado and top it with tomates, add jalapenos, fry the cheese and cook it onto the bread, then assemble the whole thing.  We liked the Argentina best, although I was pleasantly surprised by the Mexicana with fried hot dogs, and the Latina was good too.

My middle son is thinking that he can start making these at home.

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