28 March 2014


I've mentioned before that I don't see tortas in Guadalajara like they have in Mexico City.  But I finally figured out that there are torta-like things here, but they're called lonches.  I kept seeing lonches advertised and didn't know what they were, but here in Jalisco, they're a Mexican sandwich on good Guadalajara bread, not the wimpy stuff they use in Mexico City.

So here's one way to make your own lonches.

You'll need:

Good bread. If you can get something like a Mexican bolillo, use it.  Use something a bit crusty that isn't hard.
Cheese.  Oaxaca is best, but you can use what you like. Panela is popular for a vegetarian sandwich.
Avocados and tomatoes.
Protein.  Ham, sliched hot dogs, milanesa, scrambled eggs, whatever.
Jalapenos, pickles, salsa, onions to put on top.

Split the rolls and smear one side with avocado and the other with mayo or crema or something else.
Get out a big griddle and heat it.  Throw on your cheese in little piles and start it melting and browning. Start frying the protein.  When the cheese is crunchy and your protein is hot and possibly crunchy, put the protein on top of the cheese for more frying and top with the mayo-smeared bread half.  Cook a bit longer and flip over.  Top with the avocado half and let it cook as much longer as you like.  Add jalapenos, onions, salsa, pickles, or whatever you like and eat it while it's hot.

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