14 February 2014


Olympics spoilers ahead, so stop now if you care.

We were delighted to see Denis Ten from Kazakhstan win the bronze in men's figure skating today.  He won the silver the world championship last year, so he's definitely good, but everyone still ignores him.  Even though he was 9th after the short program, there was such a small difference between 3rd and 9th (just a little more than the difference between first and second) that whoever skated best out of that group was likely to win the bronze. And Denis Ten was that skater.

They didn't broadcast his free skate here, but we'll go back and see it later.  We saw the last 8 or so skaters, and they were all the ones who could beat Ten, so it was exciting for us to watch.  And it'll be obvious in the US that he's going to win something since they'd never, ever show a 9th place skater from Kazakhstan for any other reason.

Go Kazakhstan!

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