14 February 2014

Tacos for Dinner

Whenever we're in a different country there are a few things we eat a lot that we can't really eat anywhere else.  In Kyrgyzstan that was laghman.  Laghman noodles are so time and labor-intensive that I rarely make them, buy I could buy the noodles in the bazaar in Bishkek or Tokmok. Right now we're eating lots of tacos.  Yes, you eat tacos in the US, but they're not much like the tacos here, and you're probably not making them at home.  The biggest difference with making them here is that I can get fresh masa any time I want, so the tortillas are always hot and fresh for dinner. That's not something I'll be able to do in the future, because masa harina tortillas just aren't the same.

We've tried lots of different fillings, and this is the best part because everyone in the family like something.  We always have a couple of salsas and avocados on the side.  My favorite filling is probably flor de calabaza sauteed with onions, garlic, and tomatoes.  We also like arrachera, pibil , beans, scrambled eggs, rajas with cheese, eggs with chorizo, chicken cooked in lots of ways, and so much more.

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