08 February 2014

Sochi Stuff

I loved the opening ceremony.  I'm usually not a big fan of them or get bored and quit watching, but not this one.  I thought they did a wonderful job of showing the best of Russia, and it was so very Russian.  I also loved the way they used light and darkness, and wasn't that ship amazing?  And the constellations at the end.  I even loved the colorful bouncing onion domes.

As for people griping that journalists are complaining about first world problems in their hotels, well, when you spend $50 billion on an event and can't even attach the doorknobs correctly, you're going to get complaints.  $50 billion is more than what was spent on every other winter Olympics combined. If Russia had spent a reasonable amount of money then I'd be happy to excuse non-first-world accommodations.

And I knew it was just a matter of time before someone got locked in somewhere.  A US bobsledder had to break down his bathroom door to get out.  So, so common.  Except the breaking the door part. We had one apartment in Bishkek in particular where we learned to never, ever close the doors tightly because you never knew if they'd open again.

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