19 February 2014

Pleasant Mysteries

I was very pleasantly surprised to find lots of people selling bean sprouts when I got here.  I pickle them for an easy vegetable or to go on banh mi, or stir-fry them plain or with pork, or put them on rice soup, or eat them with pad Thai.

But I cannot figure out what people in Mexico are doing with them, because they're certainly not selling banh mi on the streets.  They're obviously a normal thing or there wouldn't be multiple stands selling them in the tianguis.  But I've never seen them served in a restaurant or in street food and I cannot find any sort of Mexican recipe online or in a cookbook that calls for them.

At least it's a pleasant mystery.

Also, I need to try guanábana which recently made an appearance.  Except I don't exactly know how to pick a good one.  That's another pleasant mystery which I shall have to solve.

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