20 February 2014

Mexico DF

We're planning a trip to Mexico City, hopefully soon.  Unlike a lot of expats, we've really done very little traveling, so it'll be fun to go there.  It's usually just called Mexico here (which means I confuse people and am confused often), or you can call it Mexico DF or just DF, like you say Washington DC or just DC.  Or just Washington.

Anyway.  Aside from the obvious tourist things, I'm trying to find ethnic grocery stores.  There obviously are a lot of different ethnicities in Mexcio, especially in Mexico City, but it's still a very Mexican place, especially for a megacity like DF. But I've found some Korean groceries at least and I have high hopes for getting some things that are hard to find in Guadalajara.  There's also supposed to be a Chinatown, but I'm not finding much reason to be optimistic about it, grocery-wise.

Depending on who's counting, DF has over 20,000,000 people.  That's a lot of people.  Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, but the city itself only has about 1.5 million people and and 4.5 in the metro area.  And Kyrgyzstan only had 5 million people in the whole country.

We're also hoping for a trip to the Yucatan while we're here since that's where Mayan ruins are, which we'll want to see in addition to the Aztec sites around DF.  And Oaxaca.


  1. One of the places I loved visiting most in DF, aside from the Aztec sites, was the Museo de Arte Popular. It features all the different folk art from all the regions of the country--the alebrijes from Oaxaca, pottery from Michoacan, the tree of life sculptures. They had an amazing temporary exhibit when we were there--it was a whole series of dioramas that depicted the history of Mexico, but the figures were all skeletons in the style of Dia de los Muertos. The building has an open courtyard that is full of big colorful kites. Definitely worth a visit, and not too big.