18 February 2014

I finally found affordable peanuts yesterday.  This is important since there isn't much peanut butter for sale here, and if there is, it's neither healthy nor tasty.  But we went to Abastos yesterday where the prices are always much better and ended up with 10 kilos of peanuts for a little more than $20.

We also got cheaper apples for applesauce since I've never seen it here, which means it probably is here and really expensive.  Most apples here are imported from Washington, although we did find some that were grown in Chihuahua yesterday.  Some day I'll get adventurous and buy the 20-kilo box and make a whole lot.

I can't really complain about the apples because mangoes cost less than they do.  One can live without so many apples if there are mangoes.

Chocolate is also fairly pathetic here. I like the table chocolate for hot chocolate, but it's grainy and not really great for baking.  Chocolate chips are pricey and waxy.  Good chocolate is really expensive.  Mangoes do not replace chocolate.

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