11 February 2014


Carnival is coming up soon, and while it's not quite as big a deal in Mexico as some other Catholic countries, there are still many places that celebrate.  Most aren't very close to us, but the one in Huejotzingo might be a possibility sometime.

Everything is supposed to start on the Saturday before Lent begins which is March 1st this year and February 14 next year. There are parades, reenactments of the battle of Pueblo (the Cinco de Mayo battle (and Cinco de Mayo is not a federal holiday here, nor is it Independence Day which is in September, and I've always wondered why it became so popular in the US when it's not widely celebrated in Mexico)), the abduction of the daughter of the Corregidor, and the first Catholic wedding in Mexico.  There's also massive amounts of gunpowder involved. Quite the varied event, and Wikipedia has more about it.

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