02 February 2014

Home Again

So I'm home. I promise I won't turn this into a blog about my medical woes, because that would be even more boring than reading about the antics of my youngest child.  But let me just say (because I can't  remember if I said it before) that IV hydration is amazing.

As I was sitting in the hospital, I thought that even more than the significantly better accommodations here than in Kyrgyzstan, and the better everything, actually, the important difference is that I trusted and felt comfortable with my doctor and hospital.  Let me be clear: I do no necessarily think the medical practice in Kyrgyzstan is untrustworthy (although corruption is a concern).  It's just a completely different mindset.  While I could answer questions here in Mexico, I couldn't ask questions, but I wasn't worried that anyone was doing anything dicey when they came and injected something into me, or that someone was going to make a deadly mistake. I felt like I was in good hands. I wouldn't have felt that way in Kyrgyzstan.*

Also, having Internet access was great because I could answer my own questions. I didn't get a lot of explanations about anything, even from my doctor who speaks English but wasn't at all chatty, but I could always look anything up online and answer my own questions.  And what's the Internet for, if not to get a second opinion about everything medical?

*At least with the resources we had access to, especially the second time. Now, with a better job and connections, I wouldn't be anywhere near as concerned.

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