11 February 2014

Azucar Mascabado

Brown sugar like you buy in the US is difficult to find here, but there are a few new sugars to try besides your typical white sugar.  One is piloncillo which I don't have much to say about yet, but I'm having trouble figuring out the mascabado sugar.  You'd think it was muscovado sugar, but it's not at all sticky.  In fact, I'm suspicious that it's just white sugar that's been dyed brown which isn't at all what I want.  But I cannot find anything that really tells me what it is we're eating.


  1. I love piloncillo! My grandpa grew up in the Mormon Colonies in Mexico, and he used to buy us piloncillo as a treat. Here in Florida I can get it at the grocery store, and we use it instead of regular sugar for lots of things. We grate it into our breakfast oatmeal with a cheese grater.

  2. Yes, we like it too. I haven't used it much yet, but I need to experiment with it more.