11 January 2014

The Atalufo Mangoes Are Back! or Shopping Locally

It's been about two months since local mangoes disappeared from the markets.  Since I haven't lived in a warm climate before, I didn't know when to expect them back, but yesterday at the tianguis there were atalufos from Chiapas.  I suspect they'll get a little cheaper, but they were already 75 cents each which isn't much more than I'd pay at an Asian market in the US.  I just bought one yesterday and it was delightfully tart. Mexicans (and me) like mangoes less sweet than many Americans so that was perfect.

Is it truly possible I live in a place where local mangoes are available year round? If you're a localvore, this is a great place to be. The fish is caught on the Mexican coast a little north of us.  There is always local, in season produce, even in January. The cheese is produced locally.  The eggs are local. Even a lot of the packaged foods are local.The only thing we eat regularly that doesn't meet my definition of local is the milk. 

And there is almost nothing made in China when I go shopping. 

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