26 January 2014

San Sebastián El Grande

Last weekend we went south of town for an appointment in the morning, then for some exploring.  There's always a fiesta going on somewhere in Mexico, and we stumbled on one in San Sebastián El Grande since it happened to be Saint Sebastian's day. This should have been a fairly obvious connection if I paid any attention to the Catholic liturgical calendar.  I've learned my lesson.  We're working on a calendar of fiestas in Guadalajara.  Since we'll be here for two years, it's actually worth doing.

I'm assuming this is the town's biggest fiesta, but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm also assuming St. Sebastian's color is red since that was the color of the day in town.  I love the banners that are always strung up for holidays. There were lots of bands, lots of small processions, lots of singing, and lots of fun.  And the ruins of the old chapel at the end.

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