01 January 2014

New Years and Champurrado

The rest of the family finally didn't have any opinions about a holiday meal yesterday after telling me all the things I couldn't make since Thanksgiving since they don't like my cooking as much as I do. So last night I was able to do what I wanted. We tried two different champurrado recipes and I experimented with masa, we had tostadas and salsas, cheese and crackers, jamaica, Burma beans, cranberries, sour cream apple pie that isn't sweet, and pineapple with lime and chile. There was nothing too sweet and plenty of savory, and most everything could be made earlier in the day so I could experiment later.

We tried Diana Kennedy's champurrado from The Essential Cuisines of Mexico and the one from My Sweet Mexico whose author's name escapes me and I can't look it up or I'll lose this post since I'm on the iPad.  The first used cornstarch to thicken it which I don't think is traditional, and the recipe was more complicated anyway. The second was easy and delicious and used the traditional masa which I can find easily, obviously.  And, not surprisingly, the rest of the family preferred the first.  Too bad for them.   

The rain seems to be leaving.  We had six straight days of rain- lots of rain some days, and very pleasant temperatures.  I loved every minute. Today it's still cloudy and in the 60s.

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