03 January 2014

Machaca and Hungaro Chiles

Today's discovery at the tianguis was machaca.  I didn't buy any because, even though I understood what it was, I wanted to look it up first, and it came in a fairly large bag.  It looks like it's more a northern Mexico thing, but there are definitely plenty of northern influences here.  I'll buy some the next time I see it and try it with eggs.

I'm also working on sorting out chiles.  I could have done this in the US, but never did.  Actually, I'm not entirely sure it's possible to really sort chiles out. I got hungaro chiles today, or at least that's what they were called. Diana Kennedy says they're really cera chilies, or wax chiles.  There are always jalapenos, serranos, poblanos, and thick-walled sweet peppers. There there was another guero chile, but I can't remember the name.

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