08 January 2014

Green Garbanzo Beans

I've bought the guasanas/green garbanzo bean/green chickpeas a couple of times now.  The simplest things we've done with them is to briefly roast them whole over high heat in a little olive oil.  They just take a minute or two, then you can dump them in a bowl and add some salt and a little more oil, if you like.  Pop the beans out of the pods and enjoy.

But the most delicious thing we tried was this.  Shell a bunch of guasanas.  I ended up with about 1.5 cups of shelled beans- it'll depend on how many are shriveled up.  Sauté them for a minute or two in a little olive oil, then dump them in a food processor with a clove of garlic, a bit of olive oil, some pepper, and a couple tablespoons of crumbled Cotija or Parmesan. I didn't need to add salt because I used Cotija, but if you use something else, you might. Purée till smooth and bright green.  It was a lovely color. Put that in a bowl.

Chop two plum tomatoes and add a little salt and pepper, a splash of olive oil, and the juice of half a small lime.  The original recipe called for serving this as bruschetta, but we just ate the beans with the tomatoes on top and didn't miss the bread.  It was a surprisingly delicious combination and it looked nice too. The original recipe also called for a cup of oil to be used between everything.

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