17 January 2014

Go Away, Costco

Do you want to know something that galls me?  I thought so.  Today's peeve is the way Costco food has taken over social events.  Costco food is, I will agree, better than a lot of grocery store food.  It also comes in large quantities which makes it easy to get food for an event. It's often a good price. I get why people use it.

But isn't anyone else tired of the same food at everything?  If you go to something where people are supposed to bring cookies, you know most of them will be from Costco (except in Charlottesville, where they hadn't been afflicted with Costco yet- I loved going to parties there because they weren't predictable). Everyone's snacks are from Costco.  Mormon church parties are filled with Costco food. It's like Costco is standardizing American eating habits.

I can't even get away from it in Mexico. I get served chips and salsa from Costco in Guadalajara. That makes me want to cry. And the juice.  It's cheaper and freshly squeezed(!) at the store around the corner, but it's always from Costco.  And croissants.  They're hot and fresh twice a day at the bakery down the road, but that doesn't matter. I was tempted to chastise everyone I saw with a Kings Day bread ring from Costco on January 6th and tell them to pick it up at a local bakery.

And Costco isn't even cheaper here, so there's not that excuse.  It's just convenient and familiar.

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