05 January 2014

Cajititlan and Dia de los Reyes

There's a town named Cajititlan between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala on Lake Cajititlan that is famous for its celebration of Kings Day.  It's not January 6th today, but since this is Mexico, the celebration goes on for days, so we went this morning.  There weren't any processions when we were there, but there were many, many people out on the streets and on the square next to the lake. I've read that a million people can visit the town in the week leading up to Epiphany, so we were glad to go early when it wasn't too crowded, but still festive.

We wandered around town and also went to the church where they have the Three Kings waiting for their tour of the town, probably on January 7th.  They'll also go around the lake in boats that day. The church had lots of its benches removed so there was room to walk around.  You could pass your coat or purse or small child (younger than two) to a few women who would pass them under the cloaks of the Wise Men, and then move on to a few teenage boys who would wrap you in a cloak.  I also really liked the church itself.

We stopped for gordas de natas and a few hand-slapped tortillas, and some tortillas with cheese and nopales.  And it's nice to be in Mexico because there was an Oxxo in town selling SD cards which we needed since I forgot to put it back in the camera.  You couldn't drive off to a small town in Kyrgyzstan and be that lucky.

The last photo is where we bought the green garbanzos.  They're picking the pods off the plants.

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