14 January 2014

A Post about a Child

I don't usually post about my children, but the youngest surprised me last night when he got on his friend's bicycle and rode it last night.  He'd never tried to ride before, and he has a little trouble getting started by himself, although he gets it in the end, but he never fell and turned around and avoided cars.  It's so nice when your children take care of major milestones so easily. I hope he does this with reading someday since he refuses to sit down and practice. Apparently I am becoming an unschooler except that I send him to school, so I suppose I'm not.

He's also the child who could not keep track of breakfast, lunch, and dinner when he was about 4.  We spent forever with him asking which one lunch was, or whatever.  Then I had the bright idea of numbering them since he loves numbers (he now falls asleep by counting in Spanish- if only the world were more orderly for him).  So we had breakfast number one, lunch number two, and dinner number 3.  It took exactly one day and he never had trouble again.

Number is a weird word.

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  1. Fun post. I'm glad you shared his accomplishment.

    Makes me smile that he counts in Spanish to fall asleep.