04 December 2013


Eating here has to be one of the best things about Guadalajara.  Here's just a few of the things I can eat within a five-minute walk from my house.  And I haven't even come close to exploring everything.

Rajas con queso tamales for dinner

Hot croissants at 4:30

Tortas ahogadas for lunch

Papas con arrachera

Fresh grapefruit juice in the morning

Pineapple with chile, salt and lime

Nopal tostadas (these are the most amazing things e.v.e.r.)

Ham and cheese pastries

The creamy chocolate milk thing

5 different kinds of salsa

Oaxaca cheese

Fresh corn and nopal tortillas

Tacos (although they aren't al vapor which is my favorite)


Premade masa dough so I can make my own tortillas anytime

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