03 December 2013


We had visitors last week for Thanksgiving which was so much fun.  We didn't see much since my husband is the only one who really likes to drive out of the group, but we had fun and ate so much good food. But the trip was so short that we ran out of time to get tacos.  I guess they'll have to come back and eat again.

We went to Tonala after stopping off at the airport (we won't mention the detours we took getting there). Tonala is now a suburb of Guadalajara, but they've been making ceramics there for a very long time which is why we wanted to go.  We need some pots. There's a handy road from the airport zipping up to Tonala that skips most of the traffic, although it dumps you on the other side of town from where most of the pots are being sold.

So we ended up going downtown where there was a festival going on. I liked seeing the churches and it was fun to poke around a bit.  We'll go back, hopefully soon, to the shopping part of town.

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